Elderly toilet chair indoor deodorant bucket


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Product description
Elderly toilet toilet household portable portable pregnant women adult elderly toilet chair indoor deodorant bucket

Product Name: Adult Portable toilet
Material: PP+PU
Endurance: about 6 months
Induction mode: PIR human body induction, photosensitive induction
Night light power supply: battery power supply
Bead service life: 100,000 hours

1. Soft skin technology, no edges and corners, avoid bump
2. Side tissue storage, easy to take
3. Handle design, easy to handle
4. Detachable armrest
Both sides of the armrest can be detachable, easy to use against the bed
5.TPE enhanced anti-slip pad, fit and grasp the ground, not easy to shift and roll over, no wet skid
6. Sensitive sensing, dark people will be bright.
Double induction element, intelligent recognition of environmental light and dark; Second speed lights, delay lights off, intimate care.
7. Built-in induction night light, soft and not dazzling, for family peace of mind

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