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Flexible and durable, narrowly brushed it to make it easy to brush to a gap that it cannot be brushed
Nylon bristles, durable and not easy to deform
Can effectively brush off stubborn mold, dirt, garbage, soap dandruff or oil
Designed for high -efficiency and cleaning of tile gaps and narrow corners

Material: alloy+plastic PP+nylon PA
Color: white/black bristles
Size: about 24cm in length, 2cm wide
Quantity: 1/2
Package contains: 1/2*Clean brush


The gap cleaning brush is designed to effectively clean hard-to-reach gaps and crevices in your home.
It's perfect for cleaning areas like window sills, keyboard keys, sliding door tracks and more.
It can also be used for vehicle detailing, computer maintenance, jewelry cleaning, and other delicate tasks that require precise cleaning.
The bristles are tough enough to tackle stubborn dirt while being gentle on surfaces to prevent scratching.
It fits easily in your cleaning bin or drawer and is always ready to use.







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